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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Use In Environmental Management: Mobile Waste Tracking System (MoTAT)

Teoman Sanalan, Ahmet GÖKTAŞ, Gülşah Reis and Arzu Nuray

(Submission #365)


In order to reduce environmental impact of waste, especially hazardous waste, it’s crucial to minimize the generation, maximize reuse and recycle of waste and improve resource efficiency. In this regard, to achieve an effective national waste management system, there is need to obtain information about generation, disposal and recycling of hazardous waste, whereas this information is generated by Waste Management Application which is a software application in Java. MoTAT is one of the components of Waste Management Application and monitors the transport of hazardous waste, covering also the generation, recycle and disposal data of hazardous waste, since Waste Management Application is an integrated waste management system. Within this integration MoTAT functions for the prevention of illegal waste transport and for the prevention of possible consequences of incidents during the transfer. MoTAT, which is an online (with real-time information) system with in-source register of waste transfer data, licencing of the waste transfer firms and their vehicles, effectively controls and monitors the waste laden vehicles during navigation by global positioning system (GPS) data with a map interface. MoTAT monitors the whole transport process of the hazardous waste from loading to unloading, effectively replacing the previous paper work register. Mobile monitoring devices consist of a GPS module, a mobile communication module and a data entry interface module, together providing the required information to the MoTAT central system. The procedure starts with the introducing of the waste transfer vehicle licences to MoTAT and then mounting of the mobile monitoring devices to the vehicles. The waste generator can trace the transfer and delivery of his waste online (and real-time) starting from 2016, as a significant improvement compared to the 1 month notification period of the previous system (paper-based National Waste Notification Forms-(UATF)). Considering that the waste generator is responsible for the waste during transfer and until the final disposal, this improvement provided by MoTAT, which effectively supports the implementation of waste management legislation is an outstanding illustration to the application of GIS in environmental management.


Topic Area:  [1.7] Waste management – and other aspects of a Circular economy (e.g. Sharing Economy)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Waste management, Hazardous waste, mobile tracking system, waste transport

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