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To Vector, or to Raster? Coverage Processing and Publishing for INSPIRE Annex II/III

Thorsten Reitz and Helmut Stepan

(Submission #368)


From 2018 onwards, the focus in INSPIRE implementation lies on Annex II and III. The themes in these annexes describe a wide range of environmental, economic and demographic information. For these themes, the INSPIRE data specifications allow implementation using a wide range of structures. Such structures range from vector data sets to lists with only implicit spatial connection and time series to rasters. It is not unusual that data describing the same phenomena is available in different structures. To improve the usability of such data and to enable analysis and interpretation, common patterns for their implementation need to be established.

In this talk, we will explain how raster and vector processing tools can be used together with highly automated publishing workflows to provide such data sets effectively, with a consistent high quality. The presentation is based on the experience that our two companies, wetransform and M.O.S.S., made by combining our existing tools and applying them to selected themes of INSPIRE annex II and III. We integrated existing tools such as novaFACTORY, RoSy and hale studio to generate up to date, high quality INSPIRE data sets for themes such as Elevation, Energy Resources, Land Cover, Species Distribution, and other themes.

We focus on the transformation and publishing of heterogeneous source data into a homogeneous dataset and INSPIRE services, and explain how to make them usable in standard tools, such as web or desktop GIS, which often do not support complex GML and coverage concepts. We will look at specific data processing methods to convert and align between raster and vector data sets, and will discuss when to implement a theme in vector or raster or both.


Topic Area:  [2.8] Innovation and technologies for spatial data collection, processing and integration in spatial data infrastructures (for example; Galileo/EGNOSS, Copernicus data and services, sensor web, Internet of Things, Big Data analytics)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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