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Integrated and automated INSPIRE processes from data update to INSPIRE service

markus braun and Helmut Stepan

(Submission #371)


Providing continuously up to date INSPIRE data sets, requires a high degree on automation. Particularly on the themes of annex II and annex III, with their dynamic such automation is the only way to enable cost effective and efficient processes and data provision. Furthermore the automation supports the integration with data update and usage processes. The idea is to minimize the delay between the internal availability of information and its availability via INSPIRE mechanisms.

In this talk automation of workflows to transform data from existing internal format to INSPIRE is presented. Core of the process management is novaFACTORY, which is used to monitor, execute and orchestrated the deviation of particular data products (vector and raster) and its distribution. Monitoring the source data in different storages and triggering transformation processes when required and possible supports the availability of up to date INSPIRE information based on an efficient service. Combining novaFACTORY with further (open Souce) tools such as PostgreSQL, SpatiaLite, degree) that can be integrated, monitored, assessed and recorded by novaFACTORY, the resulting infrastructure allows integrated and efficient workflows from data update to INSPIRE service.

Based on experiences on state level in Germany with setting up such environment and implementing the workflows for transformation of data and its provision for INSPIRE annex II and II themes, the talk will discuss challenges and chances of such approach and will give an outlook for handling of further themes.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Technologies and tools to support implementing, using and assessing the technical implementation of INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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