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Municipal INSPIRE implementation in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia

Stefan Sander

(Submission #372)


The identification of INSPIRE relevant data sets poses a major problem for municipalities and counties in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), as they are demanded to analyze both the legal requirements of a large variety of disciplines and the comprehensive documentation of the INSPIRE data models. In most local authorities the staff necessary to tackle this task is lacking both in quality and quantity. The municipal top-level associations in NRW have therefore, on the initiative of the City of Wuppertal, founded the working Group „AG Geokom.NRW“ which carries out this identification work as a service for all municipalities and counties in NRW. The results of the working group are published in the form of a recommendation for action (PDF document) which is updated several times a year so that it always reflects the current understanding in NRW. In the first part of the presentation the methodology and results of the working group are presented.

The second part of the presentation deals with the implementation of the INSPIRE requirements in the City of Wuppertal. With regards to content Wuppertal is striving to achieve a consistent implementation of the aforementioned recommendation for action. A work process has been implemented that is in use both for the publication of non INSPIRE relevant open geodata as well as for the INSPIRE identified data sets. The metadata collection and validation is carried out with the metadata information system GEOkatalog.NRW, which is provided by NRW as part of its portal GEOportal.NRW. Wuppertal’s INSPIRE compliant download services are currently only available in the form of ATOM feeds. These are created with a generator for ATOM feeds which is a component of the GEOportal.NRW, too. The INSPIRE WMS of the City of Wuppertal was set up as a facade for the central multi-disciplinary WMS of the municipality, that particularly feeds the city’s Geoportal. From Wuppertal’s point of view the INSPIRE view services have not been specified in a sufficiently detailed manner in the Technical Guidance Documents. Therefore specific conventions have been developed, in particular with regard to the getFeatureInfo request, which ensure the practical value of the Wuppertal INSPIRE WMS. In 2017 Wuppertal will also test first INSPIRE schema transformations using the ETL tool FME. This is likely to be successful with the simpler data models, while the schema transformations for the more complex data models would require external support.


Topic Area:  [1.5] Public participation and active dissemination of information – citizen science
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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