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Smart cities : Smart cities:Towards a French strategy ?

Anne Charreyron Perchet

(Submission #377)


Digitalisation is not an end in itself but a mean for sustainable urban development . More and more cities in France show great interest in the potentials of digitalisation and develop smart cities strategies with different levels of maturity. At the national level the French government is aware of the opportunities of smart cities both in terms of environment, economic development, governance but, although a lot of initiatives and pilot projects have been launched, a national strategy is missing. The implementation of data sharing through spatial data infrastructure and legal requirement for open data let imagine what could be a French strategy.

A dialogue process with all stakeholders was carried out by the French Ministry of Environment in 2016 which led to the identification of four main lines of action. • Firstly, the deployement of innovations should be accelarated. • Secondly, digital policies are to be integrated better in urban planning. • Thirdly ,the explosion of data calls for new ways of governing the city. • Fourthly, French expertise in smart cities has to be promoted at the international level.
These four lines of actions resulted in concrete proposals which were adressed to the French Minister of Environment. In a next step and in the context of a new government, they could build the core of a French national smart city strategy


Topic Area:  [1.6] Environmental, economic, social impact assessments (including public health)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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