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INSPIRE Visual Analytics - dissecting the infrastructure

Jiri Hradec, Vanda Nunes de Lima, Robert Tomas and Karen Fullerton

(Submission #379)


The workshop will demonstrate how INSPIRE infrastructure developed and matured during ten years of INSPIRE implementation using data mining, robust statistics, data enrichment and visualisation.

Forget pie charts and generic country maps, we are going full monty with the European infrastructure as whole. Who are the providers? Who are the users? How come we know what users want? How come we know spatial/temporal/thematic data coverage? What is missing and what are the overlaps?

This 'eagle eye' perspective over the whole European infrastructure allows us to see what INSPIRE really provides, how national INSPIRE implementation strategies can be understood from visual analytics, who are the leaders among providers, where are opportunities for de/regulation, how relevant are we to the global GI development etc.

There are always user/provider stories behind the development. Who started massive data/service provision and why, who invested into data series production instead of blobs of datasets, how providers teamed up to achieve better value/price performance etc.

All participants are welcome to come and see the data landscapes we learned so far and give us their stories on how they made their footprint in the European infrastructure.

You will see yourself within the global picture and we wish to thank you for being there.


Topic Area:  [3.1] Fostering “Fitness for purpose”
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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