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Smart City Projects in Hamburg – Overview and Challenges

Nicole Schubbe

(Submission #382)


The City of Hamburg is determined to approach digitization as an opportunity and to tap its potentials for providing greater economic power and quality of life for Hamburg’s citizens. The underlying objective of the Digital City Strategy is always one of using technology to improve the quality of services and to use resources more efficiently. Many government agencies are already in the process of improving their services and making them more accessible through the use of new digital technologies. The objective of Hamburg is to exploit technical innovations to advance the development of Hamburg as a “digital city”. Therefore the Senate has agreed on the Digital City Strategy in January 2015 which strives to create the conditions for a climate of innovation that promotes the development of modern digital applications and to improve the networking between the firms and institutions involved. To achieve that suitable structures and processes must be developed, access provided, and the interests of citizens considered. Hamburg is city partner in several European smart city projects with broad range of topics as participation, transparency, mobility, environment and security. All these projects are related to the Urban Platform of the City of Hamburg which is a conceptual approach that aims to connect existing and future IT systems and services so that they not only know each other and share data, but also communicate logically and analytically in interactive processes to inform, prepare and assist in decision making. The requirement for a "Smart City" is interoperable and performant "smart spatial data", which exist for all circumstances of a metropolis. In this presentation some smart city projects related to the needs of an interoperable Urban Platform will be introduced and current challenges discussed.


Topic Area:  [1.15] Other e-Government applications
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Comments:   Smart City, Digital City, Urban Platform, Hamburg

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