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A Semantic INSPIRE-Conform Transformation of A Cadastre Conform 3D Building Model of Bavaria

Robert Roschlaub and Joachim Batscheider

(Submission #4)


With the directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE) spatial data are to provide in an interoperable way. The dataset of 3D-Building Models created in the federal states is assigned to annex III of the INSPIRE Directive for the data specification of buildings (INSPIRE-BU). In Germany the dataset of 3D-Building Models is created in two levels of detail, based on nationwide standards of the AdV. This work is done by the German federal states. So there are some special details in the datasets. For example in Bavaria the building ground plans are taken from the official cadastral map. Both models are based on the OGC-CityGML standard. So it was obvious to check the possibility to convert the data to an INSPIRE conform schema. For the conversion of the 3D-Building Models in Level of Detail 2 to INSPIRE, the project Group "3D-Geobasisdaten" of the AdV created an initial mapping table on the basis of AdV-CityGML-profile and GeoInfoDok 7.0 beta. To make the schematic transformation operational, the 100 percent compliance of the source data to the source schema is required. The AdV-project group "3D-Geobasisdaten" and the "Central Office for House Coordinates, Building Polygons and 3D Building Models" (ZSHH) jointly developed the respective criteria for data in LoD1 and LoD2. The tests for 3D Building-Models in the levels of detail one and two to check conformity of schema and profile as well as geometric and semantic data checks defined by the AdV have been implemented. During the operational work at the Bavarian Agency for Digitisation, High-Speed Internet and Surveying it was shown, that errors are detected reliably. In extension of this work a joint research project of the Bavarian State Agency for Surveying and Geoinformation and the technical university of munich (TUM), Chair of Geoinformatics, provided proof of convertibility of 3D-Building Models on AdV-Standards to INSPIRE specifications by converting a sample dataset.


Topic Area:  [1.3] Use and potential of INSPIRE for the development of indicators
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation and paper in IJSDIR

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Comments:   Keywords: Cadastre, INSPIRE, CityGML, LoD2


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