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Performance & instant up-to-date tiles in one INSPIRE View Service

Loes Deventer and Sven Van Hauwe

(Submission #104)


One of the major requirements of the INSPIRE directive is to provide View Services. Whilst implementing this requirement, data providers can opt for a number of solutions. This presentation will focus on all aspects related to providing an INSPIRE View Service that remains relevant to all data users by assuring its timeliness and its performance. The data provider is legally required to update the View Service six months after the data has been updated. We chose another path to simplify data handling. The renewal of WMTS tiles for a dataset that can change every day is in some way different than for a dataset that changes at most once a year. Within this presentation we will outline the combination of WMS and WMTS and its main advantage: providing a performant View Service that remains up to date. This solution has been implemented within Informatie Vlaanderen to manage and access the data and has been delivering positive results for two years. Whilst the rationale for combining the two options is somewhat straightforward, the technical implementation is different. The set-up of our WMTS is an in-house developed system which combines the performance characteristics of a traditional WMTS with WMS up-to-date characteristics. The system is based on messaging between the source data and the WMTS service. Refreshing the WMTS tiles via WMS requests can be done in two ways: automatically and manually. Each option presents clear advantages and disadvantages that are closely linked to the dataset. An evaluation of each option is presented before listing the open tasks for the future. Although the renewal of the tiles can currently only be carried out by technical people, it is a must for the future that data managers can also arrange the process.


Topic Area:  [3.4] Fitness for purpose
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

Additional Fields

Academic:   No
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Thematic specialists:   No

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