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Cloudifying INSPIRE: A future proof scalable SDI

Bart Cosyn

(Submission #105)


Informatie Vlaanderen is since 2009 in charge of the set-up of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for Flanders. The organization hosts common infrastructure for the entire SDI and own components related to its specific tasks within this collaborative framework. Global components are the Flemish geoportal, catalogue and CSW service. The largest component is an ecosystem of WMS, WFS, WMTS OGC and INSPIRE compatible services. In addition, restful services as geolocation, elevation and POI services are available. The number of integrations of these geo-services in applications for industry, service delivery businesses and governmental agencies have grown extreme rapidly. Quality of Service (QoS) under all these conditions or loads becomes therefore a major requirement for successful implementations. The QoS requirements for INSPIRE are an additional driver for investing in a high scalable performing architecture.
Over the years the overall implementation moved from an on-premise system to a fully cloud-based set-up. The high and fast scalability of all components allows to meet the QoS requirements on high load in a cost-effective way. The INSPIRE WMS and WFS services of the Flemish SDI are now implemented as a mixture of open source and vendor specific implementations. The WMTS service is an in-house developed system which combines the performance characteristics of a traditional WMTS with the WMS up-to-date characteristics. The system is based on messaging between the source data and the WMTS service. The mixture of implementations allows the best of different worlds depending on the functional and non-functional requirements of the services. A major challenge remains the continuous transfer of high volume vector and raster data to cloud storage and databases.
The use of external and internal monitoring tools is essential for the good governance of the system. They are drivers for optimization and future exploitation.
The presentation will give an insight on the global architecture of the services as implemented in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Logging and monitoring will be explained and lessons learned from the current system will be presented.


Topic Area:  [3.2] Tools and technologies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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