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Update on energy efficiency policy: the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the EU Building Stock Observatory

Dimitrios Athanasiou

(Submission #117)


Accelerating the transition to a low-carbon competitive economy is an opportunity the European Union is willing to lead. The momentum stemming from the Paris Agreement is further sustained by the adoption of the "Clean Energy for all Europeans" package on 30 November 2016.

The building sector is the largest energy consumer in Europe, accounting for around 40% of final energy and 36% of our greenhouse gas emissions and for that reason buildings have a key role to play for the achievement of the Union’s energy and climate goals. It is therefore important to accelerate the current low renovation rates of buildings in the EU taking advantage of all technologies and progress available.

This was exactly the objective of the revision of the 2010/31/EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, which is a key piece of the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package and actually the first file to reach an agreement: to increase building renovation and support decarbonisation of buildings, while at the same time modernize the Directive in light of technological developments and simplify and streamline outdated measures.

Financing has also a more important role to play. The Commission has launched the “Smart Finance for Smart Buildings” initiative which, in order to support the development of flexible energy efficiency and renewable financing platforms at national level. This initiative will encourage the more effective use of public funds, help aggregation and assistance with project development and make energy efficiency investments more trusted and attractive for project promoters.

There is a general lack of information on the building stock in Europe. For this reason, the Commission set up the EU Building Stock Observatory to monitor the energy performance in buildings through a list of relevant indicators. The Observatory's website is integrated in DG Energy's website which contains a database, a datamapper and factsheets.


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