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Smart data for urban infrastructure asset management

Eric Oosterom

(Submission #121)


Urban infrastructure such as roads and underground networks are valuable and expensive assets. Public authorities must strive for maximum revenues in relation to the resources used for construction and management. Data is an important raw material for asset management.

In The Netherlands, the not-for-profit knowledge center Stichting RIONED is pioneering the development of semantic information models, linked data and practical apps to provide urban water managers the best possible support. This includes the development of an extensive semantic ontology / Object Type Library, the development and implementation of data services, data exchange formats, and a risk database, analysis tools for residual life and failure risks of systems and objects, test beds, and co-ordinated implementation and use.

Everything is focused on a horizon scenario in which data and processes / applications are completely separate, with datasets being offered as open and linked as much as possible. Based on this, governments and companies with innovative applications can provide added value to society and their own operations.

The semantic information model will provide a major improvement of the basic data thanks to built-in quality requirements, validation of data sets on the basis of these quality requirements, and linked access to relevant knowledge sources.

Thanks to the use of international W3C standards such as RDF / OWL and SPARQL, the developments by RIONED in the Netherlands are easy to extend to other fields and use cases internationally. Within the Netherlands, in collaboration with other umbrella organizations, linked data applications for the entire public space, for geo-information and for utility networks are being explored and developed.

The RIONED Foundation will present this innovative approach in a nutshell and welcomes international cooperation and synergy.


Topic Area:  [1.14] Utility and asset management – in both public and private sector
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   water management, asset management, linked data, risk based maintenance, open data

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