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It all started with a big bang

Liesbeth Rombouts

(Submission #122)


The consequences of not exchanging information became painfully clear in a gas-pipeline disaster in Gellingen, Belgium. As a direct consequence of this disaster, and in order to avoid digging damage during excavation works, the KLIP (Cable and Pipeline Information Portal ) was established in Flanders.

KLIP has been a catalyst for sharing information about (underground) utilities infrastructure. Initially only at regional level, but its success inspired other regions, countries and organizations to continue working on the knowledge and experience built up in Flanders.

In the meantime, KLIP has a major effect on limiting excavation damage in Flanders. The smooth exchange of pipeline information and the user-friendly availability ensures that this information is also effectively consulted during excavation work. The core of KLIP's success is the exchange of pipeline information according to the IMKL model, an extension to the INSPIRE data specifications Utility and Governmental Services. This IMKL model in turn is the basis for other data models. Both regionally (AWIS) and internationally (IMKL in the Netherlands, the Danish model, the Model for Underground Data Definition and Interchange of OGC.

We focus on the answers on the following questions: How did Flanders come to their IMKL? What was the influence of the stakeholders, how did Flanders work with prototyping during the process of defining the IMKL? Why is IMKL based on INSPIRE? What were the benefits, levers and disadvantages of using INSPIRE? It is great to have a common data standard, but when you’re not able to view the data, you’re still nowhere. What influence did the development of a viewer have on the implementation of the IMKL? How do you prepare a data visualization standard? Finally we take a look at the aspects that made KLIP become the best case study in the underground infrastructure benefits assessment of OGC (2017).


Topic Area:  [3.5] Best practices
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   This presentation is part of the session proposal 'When INSPIRE goes underground // The underground scene: subsurface INSPIRE applications'

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