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Vector Tiles in INSPIRE view services for Topography (BRT) and en Large scale Topography (BGT)

John Schaap

(Submission #126)


In the Dutch Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), Public services on the Map (PDOK 1) plays an important role. It delivers INSPIRE web mapping services (WMS) on the various INSPIRE datasets. These mapping services are serving spatial referenced images in various projections. To give the user an optimal visualization experience and to meet INSPIRE quality levels the performance of these web services is critical. Due to the popularity of the web mapping services the process to generate tiles, for different visualization, in various projections, at the required visual scale (zoom levels) puts a heavy workload on the hardware.

Serving vector tiles instead of raster images has several advantages. Major service-providers (2) are using it. INSPIRE support for vector tiles in view services is requested (3). On the server side the workload is reduced. Rendering at the server for every visualization for every zoom level is not needed anymore. The amount of data sent over the connection is less because the vector tiles are smaller than the raster images. On the client the visual experience improves because vectors are used instead of raster pixels. Zooming to a different scale is a smooth experience. Styling is done in the client therefore there are no limitations to custom visualizations. Attribute information can be added to the vector tiles.

At PDOK a mapping service has been developed to deliver the BRT (Dutch key-register topography) and BGT (Dutch Key Register for Large-Scale Topography) data with vector tiles. The data is reclassified and combined in 7 layers:

To improve the visual experience limited attribute data is added to the vector data features. Only attributes used for visualisation and an identifier to locate the feature in the key register has been added. With this this identifier detailed information can be looked up in the relevant key register. To support open development a demonstration website (4) and the detailed developer’s information is made available on github (5). This presentation will demonstrate the possibilities for INSPIRE view servers when using vector tiles and will focus of the advantages’ of client side visualisations.

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Topic Area:  [3.2] Tools and technologies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Vector tiles; View services; WMTS; TMS

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