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Cross bourder proximity statistics using INSPIRE

Pieter Bresters

(Submission #13)


Outline Statistics Netherlands calculates Proximity statistics. So far, it has only been done with data available inside the Netherlands. This gives unsatisfactory results close to the boarders. So, Statistics Netherlands hopes INSPIRE can help to improve these proximity statistics at the boarders. This presentation will show the experiences of the search for the INSPIRE data needed across our boarders.

Background For already 6 years, Statistics Netherlands produces proximity statistics. We calculate distances to different facilities along the road for each address in the Netherlands. To do this, we need addresses of inhabitants, addresses of facilities, and a road network. So far, it has only been done inside the Netherlands. This gives unsatisfactory results close to the boarders. Luckily addresses and road networks are both INSPIRE themes in Annex I, so we investigated if we could find all the necessary data across the boarders, to improve our proximity statistics.

Experiences At the moment of submission of this abstract, Statistics Netherlands had just started searching for the data. Some first experiences are:

• It takes a lot of time

• Not all data is available as WFS, or Atom feed

• Sometimes you have to subscribe which is a barrier

• The data found is of different detail

• Different Languages are a problem

• You have to know the right tags. Tip: use the INSPIRE feature names

• You will not succeed without understanding off the INSPRE data models

• Metadata does not always get harvested to the INSPIRE portal so you have to look in the local discovery services too

• You need to be a GIS expert to do this

• Sometimes Google can help

• Federal states make it more difficult.

• An overview of what is available per theme would be helpful. is a good start but needs to be improved because not all available data is shown..

Conclusions It is still cumbersome to find INSPIRE data, but it is much better than 10 years ago. You do need some GIS experience and knowledge of INSPIRE data models. Quality of metadata is very important for data to be found. Let’s stay positive: Without INSPIRE, this would not have been possible at all.


Topic Area:  [2.1] National approaches and strategies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

Additional Fields

Academic:   No
Data Provider:   Yes
Data User:   Yes
INSPIRE Implementer (IT):   No
INSPIRE newbies:   No
Policy Officers:   No
Public Administration (MS/Regional/Local):   No
Thematic specialists:   Yes
Comments:   Keywords: proximity statistics, Inspire cross boarder data search, Addresses, Transport Network

I would like to give this presentation in the session as organized by Hannes Reuter from Eurostat. It is a session on Statistics.


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