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Lessons learned - the first Inspire implementation of the Dutch Provinces

Maurits van der Berg and Johan van Arragon

(Submission #155)


In 2011 the Dutch Provinces decided to build an information system which could harmonise the Inspire source data of all 12 provinces. The system allowed the 12 participants to submit their data as-is and map that data to the appropriate INSPIRE model. The idea of this all was to make the implementation of Inspire easier for each Province by not having to change the source data.

And so it did, the system became a huge success. All provinces added their Annex I - ProtectedSites data and the data was successfully published according to INSPIRE standards.

After a few years and some (Annex III) themes being added the system became bigger and bigger. The system was not built to be flexible, but new themes and other changes in Europe called for a flexible system. It became more and more an impediment for INSPIRE compliancy. That and the changing IT-world around us, which supplied viable alternatives, made the provinces investigate alternative solutions.

It was decided the system has reached its end-of-life. It became too expensive and it took too long to adjust the system. Building a new system has become a better alternative. And there we are, building a new flexible system in 2018/2019. This implies also a radical change in the way the Dutch Provinces process their Inspire.

The focus of this presentation is on the lessons learned and which lessons we should take into account while building a new system.


Topic Area:  [3.5] Best practices
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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