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Waste Water Information System

Koen De Witte

(Submission #156)


The Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) adopted the INSPIRE data specifications in a new sewage data model. The agency is responsible for the policy concerning sewage in Flanders. To follow up the expansion of the network, make decisions about the priority of projects, the ecological performance etc. the agency needs a detailed area-wide overview of the sewage system in Flanders or a Waste Water Information System (WWIS). Until now the data were only available on a schematic level. The landscape of sewage managers and therefore also sewage data are very shredded between stakeholders who can be small municipalities as well as bigger companies. The VMM has developed a new exchange model based on INSPIRE data specifications. The data model is created in collaboration with the sewage sector and will allow all stakeholders to deliver the available data in a uniform way. The stakeholders, sewer managers and municipalities, can upload their detailed data on wastewater infrastructure in a the central WWIS database managed by the VMM according to the exchange model. The VMM ensures the quality of the central database by performing numerous validation processes, and by allowing the data owners to report anomalies in the data amongst themselves. Networks from different sewer managers are interlinked by automatic transformations. On top of the central sewage database, the WWIS consists of follow-up systems for prioritising and managing subsidized sewage projects. Municipalities can receive subsidies when they extend the existing sewage system with ecologically important best-practice projects for collecting sewage water. Also bigger transportation projects that are carried out on a regional level can be prioritized and managed in the WWIS.


Topic Area:  [1.14] Utility and asset management – in both public and private sector
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Other_theme:   Sewer managers, surface water managers
Comments:   Utilities, E-governance, GIS, open data, Standardization, Utility and Governmental Services, Annex III, Sewage, waste water, Hydrography, Annex I, Surface water, joint management, desktop application, mobile application, environmental policy, environmental hazards, ...

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