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Tracing wastewater through sewage system and surface water in Flanders and in the Netherlands

Katia Beringhs

(Submission #157)


The Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) has developed a tracing algorithm to trace wastewater through both wastewater infrastructure and surface water. This tracing algorithm was developed in the Interreg North-West Europe BE-GOOD project. Wastewater flows through wastewater infrastructure, and it can also flow into surface water through a discharge point or overflow structure. So it is important to be able to trace the wastewater through both the wastewater infrastructure and surface water networks. The wastewater infrastructure database is a central database managed by VMM, but edited and filled by the wastewater infrastructure managers (sewer managers and local authorities). To allow efficient data exchange, a data model was established based on the INSPIRE data model for utility services (established in 2015). All stakeholders use this data model to import data into the central database. To guard data quality, VMM performs validation processes. The hydrography database is managed by VMM, with decentralized administration by provinces. The hydrography database also contains a network dataset, consisting of points and lines with a certain direction. The tracing algorithm uses the INSPIRE generic network model, used in both the wastewater infrastructure and hydrography datasets. The tracing algorithm was also used on datasets from Delfland (The Netherlands) to demonstrate its possible transnational use. Thanks to the use of INSPIRE data specifications for datasets from different countries, developments like the tracing algorithm can be used in a transnational context.


Topic Area:  [1.14] Utility and asset management – in both public and private sector
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Other_theme:   Sewer managers, surface water managers
Comments:   Utilities, E-governance, GIS, open data, Standardization, Utility and Governmental Services, Annex III, Sewage, waste water, Hydrography, Annex I, Surface water, joint management, desktop application, mobile application, environmental policy, ...

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