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IMKL as standard for information exchange on sewage data

Katia Beringhs and Katleen Miserez

(Submission #159)


The Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) has adopted the IMKL data specifications in a new sewage data model. The agency is responsible for the policy concerning sewage in Flanders. To follow up the expansion of the network, make decisions about the priority of projects, the ecological performance etc. the agency needs a detailed area-wide overview of the sewage system in Flanders. Until now the data were only available on a schematic level. The landscape of sewer managers and therefore also sewage data are very shredded between stakeholders who can be small municipalities as well as bigger companies. The VMM has developed a new exchange model called Aquastreng, based on IMKL data specifications. The Aquastreng data model is created in collaboration with the sewage sector and will allow all stakeholders to deliver the available data in a uniform way. The presentation shows how the IMKL data specs, based on the INSPIRE US theme, can improve data interoperability and the associated policies. Since the sewage data model is only a small part of the broader road map aiming to create a sewage information system a glimpse of other developments will be given. In order to facilitate sewer management companies and municipalities to gather the information on their sewage system in a way that is compliant for both IMKL and Aquastreng, a standard specification was created to be used in call for tenders for measuring the sewage system in the field. We will present the way this was done, along with some best practices, and good or less good experiences.


Topic Area:  [2.5] Local – Regional cooperation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Academic:   No
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INSPIRE Implementer (IT):   No
INSPIRE newbies:   No
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Thematic specialists:   Yes
Other_theme:   Sewer managers
Comments:   Utilities, IMKL, E-governance, GIS, open data, Standardization, Utility and Governmental Services, Annex III, Sewage, waste water, joint management, desktop application, mobile application, environmental policy, ...

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