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The Italian INSPIRE registry and the best practice to manage the resources

Carlo Cipolloni, Antonio Rotundo and Gabriele Ciasullo

(Submission #162)


In 2017 the Italian national registry has been implemented by AgID in collaboration with ISPRA that is the INSPIRE national technical coordination structure, in accordance with INSPIRE implementing rules and in order to identify univocally the items related to the spatial datasets and individual spatial objects. This activity is needed to provide INSPIRE persistent identifiers (PIDs) for searching, viewing, downloading and accessing to the complex “real data” referenced from each individual record in the data entity indexes and made available at data providers’ level. The registry is set-up not only to provide a namespace management system, but also to provide a vocabularies and resources locator at local level that can support data provider to manage their data and service, building an http URI schema and policy and the maintenance in the long term of them. The Italian national registry (Sistema di Registri INSPIRE Italia) is available at the link:; it’s also shared in the INSPIRE Register Federation as reference element in the European Commission and this action can help local data provider also to extend the code-list as well to create new resources need to make the data more close to citizen application. The registry is now worked in parallel with national reference example guideline to drive data provider to produce INSPIRE data and web service that are aligned to INSPIRE rules, but also can be used in an efficient way in several applications. In this work the authors present the general guideline to produce standard URI schema for the different themes and how the Public Administration can manage the resources and also the general approach of entire data process chain to manage data, service and metadata till the cycle is completed.


Topic Area:  [3.5] Best practices
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