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New approaches for cooperation and data management within the Portuguese INSPIRE Infrastructure: learning with the CROSS-NATURE project

Ana Luisa Gomes, Alexandra Fonseca, Ricardo Tomé and Paulo Miranda

(Submission #164)


Directorate-General for Territory (DGT) is the national public agency responsible for spatial planning, geodesy, cartography and cadastre. DGT is also responsible for SNIG, the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), and coordinates the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in Portugal. DGT Research and Development team is involved in the “Cross Harmonization & Exploitation of NATURE DataSets: CROSS-NATURE" project, funded by the Connecting Europe Facility 2014-2020. The project involves Spanish partners, namely TRAGSA Group (coordinator) and the University Carlos III from Madrid (UC3M). CROSS-NATURE project intends to develop a Digital Service Infrastructures (DSI) applying the Linked Open Data (LOD) framework, oriented towards Invasive Alien Species (IAS) control and biodiversity protection, using datasets from the different Portuguese and Spanish public administrations. DGT has been working with thematic data from Portugal about IAS Regulation and protected species (habitats and birds Directives) provided by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF), including spatial and alphanumerical information about species distribution (INSPIRE - III.19 theme). The main objective of this presentation is to demonstrate how the CROSS-NATURE project is integrated in the DGT approach and strategy, particularly in what concerns the cooperation with other public agencies around the NSDI. For that purpose, we intend to: (1) introduce DGT’s mission and strategy for SNIG and INSPIRE Directive implementation; (2) present the CROSS-NATURE project, namely its innovative character and the role of DGT in the articulation with national and international partners; (3) explain the project development stages, in particular methods and techniques used to articulate with other external entities (e.g., ICNF) and the harmonization process according to INSPIRE - III.19 theme; (4) discuss and analyse the first obtained results; (5) suggest future scenarios after project completion and how they could influence NSDI approaches and strategies. The development of CROSS-NATURE project may allow DGT to better understand how LOD can be applied within the Portuguese NSDI, as well as how INSPIRE could be implemented following a LOD approach. Moreover, the dissemination of these new methodologies through SNIG network partners and the promotion of new projects in Portugal involving similar approaches applied to other thematic data are also expected results from this project.


Topic Area:  [2.1] National approaches and strategies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Academic:   No
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Comments:   INSPIRE, National Spatial Data Infrastructure, Linked Open Data, CROSS-NATURE, species distribution

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