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Building Geospatial Framework for Local Administrations; INSPIRE Scheme of Sharing through Cloud Systems

Onur Lenk, Hüseyin Bayraktar, Mahir Güney, Dursun Yıldırım Bayar, Giacomo Martirano, Erkan Tın, Ali Toksoy and Yasemin Koç

(Submission #169)


Prioritizing single hosted solution that would provide access to up-to-date, fully maintained data and data sets across a multi-stakeholder environment via highly performance and secure web mapping services is one of the key issues faced by central governments’ geo-based framework efforts. This has been tried to be achieved by developing cloud-based solutions for local administrations through Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization’s ‘Technical Assistance for Capacity Building in the Horizontal Sector for the Implementation of INSPIRE Directive’ Project in 2016-2018 period. As part of previous experiences dating back to 2003s gained in establishing National Geospatial Information Infrastructure, the Project enabled a meaningful contribution not only for the services provided through developed 10 geospatial modules running on OpenNebula Cloud Platform, but also overarching standard spatial data preparation to be exchanged in the context of INSPIRE implementations. Cloud based geospatial applications specifically addressing the municipality's requirements concerning geospatial processes are the modules including 3D Topographic Map, Address Assessment, Infrastructure, Building Information Management, Expropriation etc. In parallel to the use of data and data services compliant with respective INSPIRE and OGC standards, it has been also envisaged to enable local administrators to model their workflows through process management tools developed in the Project. This has been considered an important step to conceptualize standard scheme of geospatial services for internal management issues within municipalities as well as efficient solutions for citizens. All the work has been piloted at four regions and generalized as to serve for about 1875 Municipalities as well as other public organizations. Considering the other services provided by data producers throughout country, a moderate data exchange policy and implementation plan have been prepared as to support legal regulations related to the "Development and Management of the National Geographical Information System" and "Preparation of Geographic Information Strategy and Action Plan”. All those components ensuring the functionality in the digital society, are expected to meet the requirements of the ultimate goal for yielding better urban life standards in local administrations under EU Environmental Framework Legislation.


Topic Area:  [2.1] National approaches and strategies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Geospatial Modules, Cloud-Driven Geo-solutions, Horizontal Sector, Process Modelling

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