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Supporting dataproviders to publish priority datasets

Thijs Brentjens and Wideke Boersma

(Submission #174)


In spring 2018 version 2.0 of priority datasets has been published. These datasets are related to enviromental reporting. Previously, Member States had to determine themselves which datasets are available and relevant for INSPIRE, which led to differences between datasets being published. The list of priority datasets is more specific: it tells Member States what datasets are required.

According to the Commission: “… if such essential datasets are not available and usable through the INSPIRE infrastructure, this will undermine the credibility of the legal framework. Moreover, it will prevent the further improvement and streamlining of environmental reporting. (…) Without these datasets being available in all Member States, it will be difficult to modernise the reporting systems at EU level and thereby reap the benefits of streamlining.”

As a coordinating body for INSPIRE in the Netherlands, Geonovum helps dataproviders to get all Dutch priority datasets published conforming to the INSPIRE regulation and guidelines. The national geoportal (Discovery Service) provides detailed information on the datasets, services and metadata that have been published already. But how to monitor what hasn’t been done yet? Or what publications of datasets need to be improved?

For this reason the Netherlands has a central registry (“Aanmerkingsregister”) about the responsible organisations and their exact obligations. This is combined with a public Control panel that gives a management view on the state of the implementation of INSPIRE. The Control panel uses the technical information generated by the EEA monitoring dashboard.

In our presentation we will discuss how this approach helps identifiying national implementation gaps, which is especially relevant for priority datasets, and helps dataproviders to improve the quality of their INSPIRE resources. We will also share ideas on how to improve this continuous monitoring of the INSPIRE obligations.


Topic Area:  [2.1] National approaches and strategies
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Title: The future of INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting Authors: Vlado Cetl, Joeri Robbrecht and Jose Miguel Rubio Iglesias

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