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Enabling a more efficient monitoring of the Common Agriculture Policy using open satellite and user generated data – The RECAP H2020 project

Machi Simeonidou

(Submission #178)


RECAP – Personalised Public Services in Support for the implementation of the Common Agriculture Policy A number of challenges have risen for the public administrations (PAs) in the process of implementing and controlling Cross Compliance rules, mainly because of the complexity and diversity of the obligation and conditions that need to be monitored under the Basic Payment Scheme of Common Agriculture Policy (CAP). Monitoring is performed by in-field visits and through remote sensing. However, both methods have limitations, being evidently complex processes of poor transparency and entail a high cost for public administrations. Space technology and use of Copernicus data offer better monitoring in Agriculture, supporting also the implementation of the CAP. The RECAP solution provides a commercial platform that integrates satellite remote sensing and user-generated data into co-designed and co-created services by public authorities, farmers and agricultural consultants. In particular, RECAP increases the efficiency and transparency of remote monitoring of farmers’ obligations; offers personalised services to farmers for their better compliance with the Cross Compliance and Greening rules; and stimulates creation of add-ons to the main platform by agricultural consultants and developers. Through its service platform RECAP responds to the CAP monitoring challenges providing advanced manual and fully automatic hybrid Earth Observation techniques, contributing to a cost efficient, transparent and accountable remote CAP monitoring. The system comprises of a fully automated agricultural monitoring processing chain, which is primarily based on crop identification via means of machine learning and extracts useful indices from a time series of open EO data combined with geo-information data. The platform supports farmers to comply with regulations imposed by the CAP, providing them with personalised simplified information through a modern, easy to use mobile and web interface. Farmers are profited by a day-to-day-use working platform and apps, with checklist, workflows, calendar and daily tasks, early alerts on potential non-conformities, facilitating their overall management. Additionally, the platform enables agricultural consultants to provide as well as to develop their own added value services to farmers, based upon the developed RECAP platform under an open approach. RECAP – Personalised Public Services in Support for the implementation of the Common Agriculture Policy. Is funded under the ICT-enabled open government (H2020-INSO-2015-CNECT) call (Grant Agreement 693171).


Topic Area:  [1.11] Agriculture - forestry - aquaculture
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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