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The Generic Feedback Reporting System of the Flanders Information Agency

Stijn Van Speybroeck

(Submission #179)


The Government of Flanders develops and manages a powerful and efficient network of information sources and services together with local authorities. Given that this network is being opened to public and private users, the possibility must be offered to these users to report errors and incomplete information in the provided digital information. Allowing users to give such feedback improves the quality of the information (crowdsourcing). In order to optimize the quality of all information products of the Government of Flanders, a generic building block (API) for feedback is being developed by the Flanders Information Agency. In addition, it is even legally required for certain information products to provide such a reporting system. In order to continuously improve the quality of the information, a generic and integrated reporting system for errors and incomplete information is offered so that the customer can give feedback to the responsible source holder of the business process directly. The purpose of the feedback is that the source holder verifies the correctness of the report. In case of proven accuracy, he will immediately pass this on to his product and give feedback on the report. Both a change in 'administrative reality' as well as an inaccuracy can be reported back. This principle is already being applied today for those authentic sources where this is an obligation (e.g. CRAB, GRB). For other civilians and users of standardized data sources it must also be possible to report errors and incomplete information. Since a reporting system must be set up within the Flanders Information Agency for different data sources, it was best to create a single reporting system that is generic enough to meet the needs of the various data sources. Organizations only need to integrate one system into their business processes to make direct reports about a variety of products through this route. In addition, the reporting system can be linked to systems (applications, counters, etc.) that provide information about mutations. Initially feedback will be possible on your educational degrees, certificates,…stored in the LED-database via the Civilian’s Profile Program. Later on the existing feedback mechanisms (CRAB reporting system, GRB reporting system and mailing for standardized geographical information products) will be integrated into the generic mechanism.


Topic Area:  [2.5] Local – Regional cooperation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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