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We have INSPIRE compliant datasets! Now what?

Alejandro Guinea

(Submission #19)


Since the November 2017 deadline, there are more and more INSPIRE datasets that are available. According to the implementation rules, data is discoverable via CSW, viewable via WMS, and accessible via GML/ATOM or WFS. These are many acronyms, but behind each acronym there is a standard supporting it. However, standards and compliances does not imply easy-to-use. The presentation will show the issues and situations in the framework of a project related with Copernicus in situ component: how to find and access the data, how to work with it, and last but not least, how to keep it updated and working. Firstly, the challenge of search and find data: Open data has an important issue, that is, how to find it. Each and every institution publish their own data. They can have the same name, but they have many differences, there is no sematic harmonisation yet. INSPIRE datasets are not always open data, but they have the same issue. We were looking for datasets and we will show the conclusions here. Stability of the data, servers and URLs will be taken into consideration too. Does INSPIRE fix this challenge? Secondly, the rights to use the data and how to download it: apparently, there are many datasets available. Is this true? This part will show the challenges solved, or that are still yet to be solved, and how to download the data in the real world. We will also look at web sites with the need of register, licensing problems, legal uncertainty, or technical problems for the actual downloads. Thirdly, how to use data: once we found and downloaded the data, we have it in an exchange format. This format has many advantages, but, it is not ready to use. GIS tools do not work with it directly, it needs transformations. Many times, there are two ways transformations and with more than one way to do it. Lastly, once data is ready to be used, new challenges arise: semantic harmonization and different levels of detail, as well as geometric and with attributes, will create the last hurdle to overcome. The presentation will sum up all the above situations, sharing the lessons learnt and showing to the community how to deal with the real use of INSPIRE datasets. We will also show how to build a quasi-pan-European dataset using already existing data. INSPIRE implementation is not yet completed, but it is already working!


Topic Area:  [3.1] Making INSPIRE work in 2025
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Academic:   No
Data Provider:   Yes
Data User:   Yes
INSPIRE Implementer (IT):   Yes
INSPIRE newbies:   Yes
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Comments:   INSPIRE, Implementation, success case, ADMINISTRATIVE units, compliance, ATOM, CSW, GML

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