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Training and education in GI and EO sectors

Giorgio Saio, Danny Vandenbroucke, Carlo Cipolloni, Dirk Frigne, Marion Bouvet and Stefan Lang

(Submission #192)


Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education and training in Europe, contributing to the Europe 2020 strategy for growth, jobs, social equity and inclusion and the EU's strategic framework for education and training. Among key actions designed within the Programme, Knowledge Alliances and Sector Skills Alliances are intended, respectively, to foster innovation in higher education, business and the broader socio-economic environment and to tackle skills gaps with regard to one or more occupational profiles in a specific sector. The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness on the activities and results of two cutting edge projects, giCASES and EO4GEO. giCASES is a Knowledge Alliance aiming to enable and strengthen innovation in GI education and industry and to facilitate the collaborative creation, management and sharing of knowledge. These objectives are addressed by developing new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning within the Geographic Information (GI) sector, and by facilitating the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge. Six case studies have been identified to test the approach. EO4GEO is a Sector Skills Alliance aiming to help bridging the skills gap between supply and demand of education and training in the space/geospatial sector by reinforcing the existing ecosystem and fostering the uptake and integration of space/geospatial data and services in end-user applications. EO4GEO is one of the flagship projects funded by ERASMUS+ in the framework of the “Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills” and is connected to the Copernicus Building Skills Action. The objectives of the event are:

•To support the capacity building of the INSPIRE Community with educational and training opportunities, in line with the new strategic approach of the Commission

•To present and demonstrate the key-concepts of the giCASES project: collaborative and case-based learning, co-creation of knowledge and how those are applied in the six case studies of the project;

•To raise awareness on the EO4GEO sectoral skills strategy, in the EO Academic and industrial context, presenting the first results and its approach on how it will be implemented through an ontology-based Body of Knowledge for the space/geospatial sector, a series of designed curricula and a portfolio of training modules directly usable in the context of Copernicus.

•To discuss the replicability and sustainability of the presented approaches and strategies, and how to foster the connection with the EU policies of Digital Economy and Copernicus user up-takes initiatives.


Topic Area:  [3.3] Training and capacity building
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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