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Making Inspire data discoverable and findable through popular search engines - The French experimentation

Abdelfettah Feliachi, Sylvain Grellet and Thierry Vilmus

(Submission #198)


Who, today, has never experienced difficulties to find data through Inspire specialized search engines like Geoportals or Geocatalogues? Frequently, the general public is even unaware of the existence of such tools. When Mr Smith is looking for some piece of information, he will turn to Google or the likes. So, how could our datasets and data be made discoverable through such search engine?

A possible solution is to publish the national INSPIRE catalogue (the “Géocatalogue”) using Linked Data concept with the vocabulary.

An open community process develops, founded by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex, and used by popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex to index information. In particular, Google offers a set of guidelines to ensure indexing when adding structured content.

Many possible syntaxes are available to write Linked Data; for this implementation we chose JSON-LD which is versatile: it can be injected into a