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Copernicus Climate Data Store: Start accessing free and open interoperable Climate Data!

Angel Lopez Alos

(Submission #211)


The European Commission has entrusted ECMWF with the implementation of the Copernicus Climate Change Service – C3S At the core of the C3S, the recently launched climate data store (CDS) infrastructure provides now free and open access to interoperable Climate Data in terms of ECVs, climate indicators and other relevant information about the past, present and future evolution of the coupled climate system, on global, continental, and regional scales. The climate data store support users with state-of-the-art data dissemination and visualisation tools in standard formats. In addition, the climate data store provides data resources and computing facilities that can be utilised, for example, to develop improved climate reanalyses and seasonal forecasts. Finally, sectoral information systems use information from the climate data store and other sources to support users acting in specific sectors, such as energy, agriculture and water management. Customized information products in the form of climate change indicators and ancillary information relevant to the sectors will be disseminated via the Climate-ADAPT platform.


Topic Area:  [1.13] Mitigation and adaptation to climate change
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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