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INSPIRE Data Harmonization for the implementation of environmental framework directives

Rui Reis, Maria José Vale, Susana Pereira, Bruno Meneses, Raquel Miranda and Claudia M.d.S. Cordovil

(Submission #226)


Sound decision making needs to be based on up-to-date and reliable databases.This information must have the appropriate technical characteristics to enable the exchange and seamless work between the involved partners and among the different application areas. The present work combines the experience acquired within EU Innovation and research funded projects: EenvPlus, SmartOpenData and recently, NitroPortugal and Forland, demonstrating the relevance of these initiatives to understand the complexity of inducing a balanced development process. This includes integrating territorial diversity, economic growth, climate change, agro-forestry and biodiversity concerns. It integrates existing data sources from official data providers using INSPIRE Data Specifications to monitor water framework Directive and potential environmental impact and the subsequent creation of demonstration examples, thus inducing general community to perceive the reliance of this approach. The INSPIRE contribution to the definition of environmental policies and concerns become evident. Forland aims to create hydro-geomorphological risk profiles within Portuguese municipalities in order to promote disaster risk management involving stakeholders, adaptation strategies to disaster risk reduction and guidelines for spatial planning. NitroPortugal promotes innovation capacities related to excess reactive nitrogen, namely regarding excessive nitrates concentration in waters. The hydrographic basin of the "Castelo de Bode" dam was taken as case study and the hydrographic network, was modeled, according to the INSPIRE data specifications, and the ongoing work of restructuring Portuguese base geodata specifications. Data harmonized according to INSPIRE and combined with time series for different subjects were integrated and constraints where explored to better understand pollution impact over time considering territorial policies and territorial changes. The rationale for the restructuring process consisted on adapting existing technical specifications to the current needs of the users and to incorporate the developments that have been taking place in recent years, namely with the publication of the INSPIRE data specifications. The process used involved mapping the objects in the former specifications to INSPIRE objects and use that matching to model the objects in the new technical specifications. This communication presents the results of an implementation of the INSPIRE data specifications in the context of studying nitrates in sensitive areas and the use of the new modeling of hydrography that is taking place in Portugal. Thus, all the results of an implementation of the INSPIRE data specifications in the context of studying complex environmental problems clearly demonstrate the relevance and main achievements induced by an INSPIRE based approach to environmental based complex problems.


Topic Area:  [1.1] Sustainable management of natural resources and natural capital
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   The authors acknowledge NitroPortugal, H2020-TWINN-2015, EU coordination and support action n. 692331, for funding.

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