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Prototyping the Baltic Explorer – an interactive spatial decision support system for maritime spatial planning

Ümit Dost, Christian Koski, Ida Maria Reiter, Juha Oksanen and Henning Sten Hansen

(Submission #231)


Last year, the cross border BONUS Basmati project started, aiming at developing integrated, and innovative solutions for maritime spatial planning (MSP) for the Baltic Sea.The project focuses on creating an intelligent framework based on an ecosystem service-based approach to inform multi-level governance organizations in the Baltic Sea. A major goal of the project is to develop a highly interactive spatial decision support system (SDSS), the Baltic Explorer, which is a multi-channel system offering an interactive web-map and large multi-touch display map applications for accessing, displaying, and analysing harmonized cross-border data from maritime spatial data infrastructures available at the Baltic Sea region. The SDSS will utilize open geographic standards and technologies, aiming at delivering highly interactive data discovery and analysis functionalities. The features are based on the result of needs gathered through service design tool and literature studies in the beginning of the project. Built on the deduced user requirements, Baltic Explorer will provide a visually coherent and context aware system, covering the whole MSP process with specific focus on defining and analysing current and future conditions of the Baltic Sea. To reach these objectives, a data discovery portal, cumulative impact assessment, co-location, suitability analysis and collaborative planning applications will be developed. Interactive analysis tools will empower experts to quickly create new evidence based scenarios, using the system's on-the-fly modelling capabilities. Tools will enable users to change settings and calculate the areas where environmental components are affected by human uses, identify the areas where activities are spatially overlapping, as well as find clusters of dense socioeconomic development. The non-expert, easy-to-use interface will give additional insight to decision makers by providing a platform for collaborative planning, for discussing benefits and conflicts, and for viewing trade-offs in alternative scenarios with stakeholders. In the presentation, we will present the deduced user requirements for SDSSs in MSP, how Baltic Explorer is designed and prototyped to respond to the user requirements, while utilizing existing maritime spatial data infrastructure. We will also bring forth challenges that we have encountered, and the ways we have tackled them in the project so far.


Topic Area:  [1.8] Spatial planning (land – maritime – coastal zones)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Academic:   Yes
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Data User:   Yes
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Comments:   Spatial decision support system for Maritime spatial planning utilizing MSDI

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