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Experience of Land Survey Office of the Czech Republic with INSPIRE ETF validator

Veronika Kusova

(Submission #237)


From the end of Novemver 2017 all spatial data sets from themes of Annex I shall be conformant to Implementing Rules on interoperability of spatial data sets and services. From this range of themes Land Survey Office of the Czech Republic provides data for Geographical names, Hydrography and Transport networks. Our INSPIRE network services run mainly on Hexagon Geospatial software. But can we say with absolute certainty that our products are compliant with requirements set in technical guidelines and data specifications? A testing version of the INSPIRE reference validator was made available in the middle of 2017. Since that time we have examined our download services (WFS) and the interoperability of mentioned data sets. And a lot of errors and imperfections have been already detected. Their importance varies from simple typo mistakes to more complex ones. Some of them even raise a task how much blindly follow the implementation rules to the detriment of the usability for ordinary users. This presentation describes our experience with the validator, discusses the mistakes that have been revealed, and deals with ways of their correction in our infrastructure.


Topic Area:  [3.2] Tools and technologies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

Additional Fields

Academic:   No
Data Provider:   Yes
Data User:   Yes
INSPIRE Implementer (IT):   Yes
INSPIRE newbies:   Yes
Policy Officers:   No
Public Administration (MS/Regional/Local):   No
Thematic specialists:   Yes
Comments:   Validation, ETF validator, Geographical names, Transport networks, Hydrography, testing, services, data sets

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