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Metadata production system with smart features in Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency

Lars Storgaard

(Submission #238)


Data and service providers have to describe their resources (data sets and services) and publish this information as metadata compliant to INSPIRE MD IR based on ISO 19115. Metadata shall be discoverable in the national metadata catalogue service (aka geoportal). The experience since the Danish geoportal was established is that there is a need for a continuous and on-going task to motivate the stakeholders to publish their metadata and afterward also to maintain them. Metadata is not done by a one-time-job – as the data set the metadata needs same attention and prioritization in the data management process. To give the users the best possibility to evaluate the data sets, metadata has to be up-to-date and trusthworthy. To help the data owners in The Danish Agency for Data Supply in their effort to maintain the metadata an internal metadata production system has been developed.
Some of the INSPIRE required metadata elements have a value that can actually be derived from the content of the described data set. A precondition for this is that the metadata is stored in the same data container as the data sets. Scripts has been set up that can look into data base schemas, calculate derived metadata and write results into the metadata schemas in same data warehouse. Examples of derived metadata from objects in the database is time stamps for oldest and newest object, geographic extent of data. Metadata in the metadata production system is automatically transacted to the Danish national geoportal / INSPIRE discovery service. On top of the metadata production system for metadata a dashboard has been set up. The purpose of this dashboard is to give the data owners in the agency a better insight and overview over their data stored in the data warehouse. All the information showing in the dashboard is calculated from the objects in the data warehouse. This calculation is executed nightly. The plan is to set up a harvester from the Open Data Portal hosted by the Danish Digitization Agency to the INSPIRE metadata catalogue. As this portal is based on CKAN platform and the DCAT schema, a transformation has to be set up. The result: Metadata regarding spatial data will be maintained in one place, in one process and at the same time be available in several catalogue services – including the national Geoportal, the national Open Data Portal and the EU INSPIRE Geoportal.


Topic Area:  [3.2] Tools and technologies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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