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INSPIRE based e-Reporting in Italy

Giacomo Martirano, Stefania Morrone, Fabio Vinci, Thorsten Reitz, Carlo Cipolloni and Claudio Piccini

(Submission #249)


In Italy, the Italian Institute for the Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) has harmonised protected areas data at national level according to INSPIRE Protected sites data specification. This work was supported through a pilot project that is part of the INSPIRE»GIS Eurostars project. The INSPIRE»GIS Eurostars aims to provide a software solution enabling INSPIRE data providers and data users to create, maintain and consume INSPIRE data easily and cost-effectively. Using the ‘hale studio’ and ‘hale»connect’ tools available in the INSPIRE»GIS solution, it was possible to transform the data, publish it through View and Download services and create relevant metadata ensuring that everything was in accordance to INSPIRE Implementing Rules. The INSPIRE»GIS platform has been used to prepare the complete delivery (spatial data sets and related specific thematic data) for CDDA 2018 reporting to the European Environment Agency. The annual CDDA reporting data flow is currently obtained through a “linked approach” in which the environmental specific thematic information references relevant geospatial information contained in the INSPIRE Protected Sites datasets. In this project, the specific non-spatial information related to the Italian nationally designated areas has been encoded according to the EEA thematic schema and linked to relevant INSPIRE Protected Sites dataset produced during the first stage. The Italian pilot represents a practical example of effective support to a National Environmental Agency in the fulfillment of both INSPIRE and e-reporting obligations, leading to a significant efficiency gain and cost reduction through a reduction of fragmentation.


Topic Area:  [2.1] National approaches and strategies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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