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Mapping CityGML to INSPIRE Building data model to enable harmonization of energy performance of buildings across Europe

Giacomo Martirano and Volker Coors

(Submission #251)


Several approaches can be applied to assess the energy performance of a building, each of them having different requirements in terms of input data and different methodological complexity, determining different levels of accuracy of the results obtained. Among several energy simulation tools available, the SimStadt software, developed by the University of Applied Science Stuttgart, aims at simulation at city district level and beyond, , providing an assessment of energy demand at building level, in KWh/m2 per month or year, using as input data CityGML LOD1 or LOD2 3D data of the simulated building, together with period of construction, typology and usage of the building. In the frame of one of the use cases of the ELISE Energy Pilot, a mapping exercise between CityGML and INSPIRE Building 3D data model is on-going, aiming at enabling the use of SimStadt software to assess the energy demand of the building stock in all the cities, regions and countries providing building datasets in conformity to INSPIRE Building 3D application schema. A parallel exercise is on-going to map the CityGML Energy Application Domain Extension to an INSPIRE Building extended application schema, developed in the frame of the ELISE Energy Pilot to model Energy Performance of Buildings Certificates, aiming at enabling more advanced energy simulations. The results of both the exercises, the issues encountered and the solution provided will be presented.


Topic Area:  [1.9] Energy (renewable – non-renewable)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Academic:   Yes
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Data User:   Yes
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Thematic specialists:   Yes
Comments:   To be presented in the Energy & Location thematic session

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