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Big Data Cubes in Agriculture

Peter Baumann and Katrin Born

(Submission #260)


The BigPicture project, supported by German BMEL (Ministry of Food and Agriculture), addresses diagnosis in the farm field through Big-Data-based determination of causes for satellite image derived and site-specific variations based on the European Datacube, rasdaman.

The BigPicture vision is to help farmers to optimize returns and to protect the environment through innovative Big Data technology. By interpreting satellite captured variations in farm fields through Big Data technologies targeted measures, such as fertilizer placement, application of plant protection products, or choice of species to grow, can be derived. Manifold information will be combined in such analyses, including satellite imagery, weather data, as well as the farmers’ experience. This way, the processing chain from satellite-based symptoms captured in the field over diagnosis up to therapy recommendation will be automated entirely.

Internationally recognized experts are teaming up: Spatial Business Integration GmbH is a specialist in satellite-image based information products for agriculture, rasdaman GmbH is an expert in Big Datacube technology and standardization. By combining the complementary know-how of both partners BigPicture is establishing large-scale automated analysis offering individual insights and support for agricultural production in Germany.

In the talk we present status and first results, highlighting how standards-compliant datacube technology can provide valuable assistance to farmers.


Topic Area:  [1.11] Agriculture - forestry - aquaculture
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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