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Back to the roots - from local SDI to INSPIRE conformant SDI

Dragan Divjak, Darko Šiško and Vlado Cetl

(Submission #266)


City of Zagreb SDI project (ZIPP) has started in 2011, even before State Law on SDI has been adopted. Main results of the project are formalization of cooperation between stakeholders within city administration, inventory of spatial data sets, creation of platform for viewing and overlapping of spatial data layers for administration and citizens, and active participation and contribution to NSDI of Croatia. Experiences from passed period have shown that Implementation of spatial data infrastructures on city level has many unique SDI challenges. On one hand it must fulfil NSDI and INSPIRE requirements while on other it should support regular activities in the city. From NSDI point of view city of Zagreb is one NSDI stakeholder as formally it is one public body. However, on city level each department acts as a SDI stakeholder on his own with its specific capacities, knowledge, motives and willingness to share data. In principle, each department is willing to cooperate, share data, follow common guidelines, but various departments depending on their level of technological maturity sees these aspects differently. Different departments have also diverse needs and views of spatial data. In 2018 City of Zagreb started the project of adapting its SDI infrastructure to INSPIRE standards. Project includes evaluation of existing SDI technical infrastructure, data and services conformance with national and European standards, drafting of new ZIPP metadata system and harmonizing of sample resources. Although from INSPIRE point of view, the system is still not fully conformant (e.g. existing web services or metadata records are not completely INSPIRE conformant), some improvements are being made. Mainly in spatial data being used and exchanged more frequently. To further promote utilization of ZIPP, project will continue with awareness raising of stakeholders through promoting basic principles of INSPIRE. Practical examples of SDI usage supported by interoperable data published through download services helped them embrace some benefits of INSPIRE and support their active involvement in ZIPP development.


Topic Area:  [1.15] Smart Cities – Urban Agenda – Digital Transition
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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