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PLASMAR project applying INSPIRE data management

Andrej Abramic, ALEJANDRO GARCÍA MENDOZA, Yaiza Fernandez-Palacios, Isabel Lopes, Vitor Jorge and Ricardo Haroun Tabraue

(Submission #27)


The main objective of the project “Setting the basis for sustainable Maritime Spatial Planning in Macaronesia” (PLASMAR) is to develop methodologies and establishment for Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) process in the different archipelagos present in the Macaronesian Region. PLASMAR is taking into consideration the biogeographic characteristics of the Azores and Madeira (Portugal) as well as the Canary Islands (Spain).

One of the components essential for the MSP process, is data and information access supported by local/regional spatial data infrastructures and global/European data initiatives. To establish data flows, discovery services and improve (re)use and understanding of commonly shared data, on the project level it is applied INSPIRE data management including:

  1. Metadata management for data & information discovery. Marine/Maritime data were easier to identify searching/harvesting existing catalogues developed by different projects and data initiatives that applied OGC/ISO standards for metadata and catalogue services. The harvested and developed metadata are included in the PLASMAR metadata catalogue, following OGC/ISO standards.

  2. INSPIRE conceptual data models have been used for project interoperability, including common classification systems as EUNIS (habitat classification), EU-NOMEN (species classification), CORINE (land use classification), etc…Common classification systems enable easy data integration into decision supporting web application tool for MSP, as easy transformation into INSPIRE compliant data models.

  3. The cross-border data flows within the project partners are established using Web Feature/Coverage Service’s. This network service improved access to frequently updated information needed for the MSP – including impact assessments.

Within this contribution we report which INSPIRE components are used for implementation of the PLASMAR project. Moreover, we want to describe our current experiences, as identified advantages and relevant issues applying INSPIRE data management approach for MSP process.


Topic Area:  [1.8] Spatial planning (land – maritime – coastal zones)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Academic:   Yes
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Comments:   Marine/maritime spatial planning, applied INSPIRE data management

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