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“Once only” principle in practice: the integration of the catalog for spatial data and the open data portal

Gabriele Ciasullo, Antonio Rotundo and Leonardo Donnaloia

(Submission #270)


In the last INSPIRE Conference 2017 the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) provided an overview of its strategy for implementing a wider so-called public sector information infrastructure as knowledge base of all public information resources also aiming to build a bridge between the INSPIRE world and eGovernment and open data policies. An issue addressed in that context was the integration of the national catalog for spatial data named RNDT (based on ISO/INSPIRE/national standards, profiles and rules) and the open data portal (based on DCAT-AP specification), both managed by AgID. The Public Administrations provide to document the information resources they hold in those catalogs to make them discoverable to the users. That documentation activity has produced an overlapping of the two scopes (spatial data and open data), precisely represented by the open spatial data. That led, for example, to a duplication of the descriptions in the two reference catalogs, with the risk that they are not aligned and / or updated, and in some cases are even conflicting, compromising the reliability of the information itself. In order to overcome the duplication, the misalignment or even the lack of relevant information in the two catalogs, it has become necessary to provide specific rules with the definition of national guidelines and implement specific tools. The GeoDCAT-AP implementation guidelines, recently published, can be considered the national extension of the European specification (named GeoDCAT-AP_IT) in order to take into account the Italian extensions to INSPIRE metadata profile and to DCAT-AP. The document also defines some organisational rules for PAs in order to avoid the double burden to document the open spatial data in both catalogues (spatial data and open data) and to overcome the above highlighted criticalities. Indeed, the main rule reads as follows: spatial data (also available as open data) shall be documented ONLY in RNDT (“once only” principle) in according to INSPIRE/RNDT metadata profile; then RNDT will make available the metadata also in through GeoDCAT-AP_IT. In implementation of those guidelines, some relevant tools are being developed, starting from those ones available within the WG and the ISA programme (XSLT, API, ...) and following the recent release of new version of the RNDT ( The aim of this work is to provide an overview of those activities.


Topic Area:  [3.5] Best practices
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