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The management of the cross-map registers in the Italian Registry, based on ISO 19146

Gabriele Ciasullo, Carlo Cipolloni, Leonardo Donnaloia and Antonio Rotundo

(Submission #274)


Recently the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) published the Italian INSPIRE Registry under the coordination activities carried out together with National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) and Ministry of Environment. Like the INSPIRE Registry at European level, the Italian one provides a central access point to a number of nationally managed registers in order to comply with INSPIRE requirements regarding the publication of extensions to the code lists set out in Regulation (EU) 1089/2010 on interoperability of spatial datasets and services, as well as for nationally identified and defined purposes. One of the benefits of the registers is to provide a means for recording equivalent names of items used in different application areas or domains and for making those equivalent names publicly available. The possible use of INSPIRE services and data in initiatives or domains beyond the environment and the combination of such data and services with other data sourcing from different communities implies that it is necessary to share a common understanding of the data and a common comprehension of the terms and concepts used, since different domains can use differing terminology conventions. That can be reached making available a cross-mapping of the different terminologies used in the several domains and communities. This is the case, for example, of the alignments needed for the implementation of GeoDCAT-AP specification between the codelist used in ISO 19115/INSPIRE metadata and those used in DCAT-AP, such as the INSPIRE themes to the MDR data themes or the INSPIRE media types to the MDR file types. ISO Standard 19146 Geographic information — Cross‐domain vocabularies establishes a methodology for cross‐mapping vocabularies and also specifies an implementation of ISO 19135-1:2015 for the purpose of registering cross‐mapped vocabulary entries. AgID has applied some requirements defined in ISO 19146 to the Italian registry including some cross-map registers in order to make available terms, concepts and domains relationships between reference and operating registers. Those requirements are applied in three differents cases: - the reference register is published in the Italian Registry, while the operating register is external; - both the reference and the operating register are published in the Italian Registry; - both the reference and the operating register are external. In such a case, only the cross-map register is published in the Italian Registry. The aim of this work is to describe the approach and the activities in the application of ISO 19146 in Italian Registry.


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