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The role of INSPIRE in the provision of an EU-wide multimodal transport information services (MMTIS)

Giacomo Martirano, Maria Teresa Borzacchiello and Francesco Pignatelli

(Submission #277)


ITS (Intelligent Transport System)s Directive Delegated Regulation for the provision of EU-wide multimodal travel information services (MMTIS) 2017/1926 establishes the specifications necessary for accessibility, exchange and update of standardised travel and traffic data to ensure distributed journey planning for the provision of MMTIS in the EU. According to Article 4 of the Delegated Regulation, transport authorities, transport operators, infrastructure managers or transport on demand service providers shall provide the static travel and traffic data and historic traffic data of the different transport modes by using for the spatial network the requirements defined in the Article 7 of the INSPIRE Directive. Within this context, the Transport Networks harmonized spatial data provided by Member States according to INSPIRE will have to be made discoverable and accessible through a set of National Access Points. In addition to the spatial network, there are other data categories listed in the Annex of the Delegated Regulation, such as “Address identifiers” and “Topographic Places”, which can be provided by INSPIRE datasets harmonized according to Addresses and Geographical Names data themes. Moreover, the National Access Point set-up and operation can benefit from the experience gained during the INSPIRE implementation in terms of:

• set-up and operation of an EU geoportal which harvests the National Access Point catalogues and provides a single access point to national datasets;

• set-up and operation of a codelist Registry, to support the harmonisation of vocabularies of the national profiles;

• set-up and operation of validation framework and tools allowing MS to self-validate their datasets;

• definition of rules for PID (Persistent Identifiers) management. The results of a study aimed at identifying the multiple role that INSPIRE can play in the provision of an EU-wide multimodal transport information services (MMTIS) are presented.


Topic Area:  [1.10] Transport - Mobility
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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