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Spatial Data Infrastructure for nighttime imagery

Valantis Tsiakos, Eleni Krikigianni and Christos Xalkias

(Submission #280)


Spatial data Infrastructures (SDIs) have emerged as a logical consequence of several technological and societal challenges, aiming to facilitate search, acquisition, re-use and sharing of geographic information. Despite their possibilities towards this goal, SDIs’ role is hampered by incomplete documentation, lack of compatibility among spatial datasets, inconsistencies in data collection, and cultural, linguistic, financial and organizational barriers. INSPIRE Directive come into force in 2007 to address these challenges by establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE). The role of Spatial Data Infrastructures and of the corresponding directives and policies is becoming more crucial when it comes to earth observation and scientific data. The process of managing the high volume of data provided by the various satellite systems (i.e. Copernicus, NOAA, etc) is complex and demands a standardized approach to cope with storage, processing, access and sharing of these datasets. For instance, datasets provided by the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) and the Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) have been managed and processed in various ways and used for a wide range of applications. Literature provides many cases were different techniques were applied for the production of common base products whilst the latter are not available to be used by new applications and demand form the users the repetition of known processes. Based on this, the design and implementation of a system is required that will promote the use and to enhance the distribution of satellite data among the scientific community and the public institutions. The aim of this paper is to design a Spatial Data Infrastructure capable to manage the monthly composites provided by the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) of the Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership, efficiently as well as to implement its key components in compliance with INSPIRE Directive.


Topic Area:  [1.2] Environmental monitoring and reporting
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation and paper in IJSDIR

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Comments:   INSPIRE, SDI, earth observation, nighttime imagery, NOAA

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