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Is INSPIRE really working?

Giacomo Martirano

(Submission #283)


One year after the last call for the provision of fully harmonized Annex I datasets according to the official INSPIRE roadmap, which is the real situation in terms of discoverability, accessibility, interoperability of Addresses, Administrative Units, Geographical Names, Cadastral Parcels, Hydrography, Transport Networks and Protected Sites spatial datasets in Europe? Are the expected benefits been achieved by the different stakeholders involved? Have Member States found their way-out to fulfil the INSPIRE obligations? Are the public authorities data providers reducing their costs in their data production chains? Are users finding spatial data fitting for their purposes? And with no conditions for access and use and with no limitations to public access? If conditions and/or limitations apply, are they clearly defined and possible fees kept at the minimum level? Have geoICT companies, primarily SMEs, found sustainable business models to capitalize the opportunities offered by INSPIRE? An interactive workshop attended by representatives of the different types of stakeholders involved in the INSPIRE implementation will try to give an answer to these and further questions, aiming at constructively highlighting the implementation issues and the possible solutions. The workshop is promoted by the smeSpire network, which is an informal network created during the FP7 project smeSpire “A European community of SMEs built on environmental digital content and languages”, with more than 700 members (80% of which are SMEs) sharing common interests around problems and solutions related to INSPIRE implementations.


Topic Area:  [3.1] Making INSPIRE work in 2025
Abstract Type:  Workshop

Additional Fields

Academic:   Yes
Data Provider:   Yes
Data User:   Yes
INSPIRE Implementer (IT):   Yes
INSPIRE newbies:   Yes
Policy Officers:   Yes
Public Administration (MS/Regional/Local):   Yes
Thematic specialists:   Yes


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