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Boosting use of Inspire infrastructure though smart and powerful solutions – Norwegian examples

Arvid Lillethun

(Submission #286)


The Norwegian SDI is based on the Inspire principles and Directive. The last years there has been major developments in the way data is being shared, resulting in increasing use and a changing profile of uses. New formats, new and adjusted services and APIs give both major professional users and the general public easier access and enable easier use. The developments follow recommendations from “spatial data on the web”. There will be given a series of examples.

• The Norwegian Geoportal is essential for bringing overview and data to the users and has a series of important functions

• Metadata editor: simplified for easy use- thus giving better information to users. Most delivery organisations use this “easy to use editor”. It is developed on top of Geonetworks and is available as open source on GIThub. Updated with the latest Inspire on tagging of environmental reporting obligations.

• Metadata import to the central CSW: Alternative APIs for activating data are used, thus increasing number of data sets and richness of metadata.
- Metadata services: Metadata is being served as CSW. Norway has defined several converters and profiles for delivery of Metadata according to DCAT and other encodings, making metadata more seachable and accessible. Examples. - Metadata – dataset and distributions: in the geoportal is being coupled making metadata for dataset the core of the presentation, then linking up to all kinds of distributions. Recommended strategy by “spatial data on the web”. E.g. - Wider set of formats: Distributing additional encodings to GML. Postgis is popular. New of the year is RDF for some datasets. Examples and discussion of user profiles. - Download services – easy access REST-api. User want “fresh data for breakfast”.Many want have local copies, e.g. in data warehouses. API based on Inpsire download services features to optimize such data flow and subsctiption of large data quantities, delivering all data or latest updates only. Works with Atom Feed. - Data download subscription tool. Base on the download rest-API above a tool for easy activation. The user selects frequency (every night, once a week etc. High interest among large users, both public and private organisations. Relevant to any inspire data. Available at GIThub. - Geosyncronisation system. Norway as a change-only-update system based on WFS and GML 3.2.1. WFS-T (transaction) is being used. There are distribution and receiver systems developed. Secures model-based data distribution.


Topic Area:  [3.5] Best practices
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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