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Assessment of energy performance of buildings using dynamic measured data

Gerard Mor and Giacomo Martirano

(Submission #296)


Increase energy efficiency in the residential sector has become a priority for the European Countries. The built environment sector is becoming the leading consumer of energy in the world, accounting for 40% of global energy use and one third of overall greenhouse gas emissions. Within the built environment, in 2015, residential energy consumption amounted to around 25.4% of total final energy use in the European Union. In summary, it is clear that an immense energy efficiency potential lies in buildings and it is mainly untapped. Nowadays, dynamic measured data coming from consumption smart metering or in-situ monitoring systems provides valuable information to characterize the energy performance of buildings and the behavior of the occupants. For this reason, the data analysis with this kind of data plays a key role in the energy performance assessment of dwellings and offers opportunities for new applications. The data analysis is one of the main objectives of the ELISE Energy and Location Pilot project, which involves a series of cities and regions to demonstrate how an integrated data approach can be established for planning, implementing, monitoring and reporting for policies and initiatives. This workshop describes a methodology to assess the building energy performance based on different measured data scenarios from dwellings. In particular, it allows to assess the energy performance of dwellings by determining the climate dependent share of energy consumption and by inferring physical characteristics of the building (heat transfer coefficient, solar gains effect and air infiltrations). The methodology has the potential to be scaled up to district levels and beyond, in order to provide information to municipalities, regional or national governments about their building stock performance.


Topic Area:  [1.9] Energy (renewable – non-renewable)
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