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Making ISO and DCAT metadata interoperable

Bart De Lathouwer and Marie-Francoise Voidrot-Martinez

(Submission #299)


Despite all the work that has gone into standardizing Metadata, we still need to improve the discoverability, accessibility and usability of metadata outside of the expert community. Nowadays metadata are often published as open data on (e-Government) portals and geo-portals. Both type of portals are using different standards to describe metadata: DCAT and ISO respectively.

Integrating data portals and publishing metadata on the web in a linked open format is a first step in making geospatial data more discoverable. The different communities, who have involved significant work in documenting their metadata want to preserve their methods and formats for managing and publishing metadata, while at the same being able to make them discoverable in other environments. OGC Metadata Domain Working Group offers an open forum to address issues related to how metadata must be specified in OpenGIS Specifications to fully enable certain services in the OpenGIS Service Architecture. It maintains close correspondence between ISO TC/211 metadata standard and OpenGIS Specification's handling of metadata. Recently, this group has submitted a Best Practice report on GeoDCAT-AP. The document identifies and compares existing metadata standards, e.g. Dublin Core, ISO 19115/57/19 and INSPIRE, used in the geospatial- and open data context, describes related linked open data initiatives such as RDF, SPARQL and metadata publication initiatives, e.g. and Atom feeds. It then reviews GeoDCAT as an initiative with the potential to integrate DCAT metadata as they are used in the open data and e-government community with EN ISO 19115/57/19 standards and INSPIRE metadata as they are used in the Geospatial community. GeoDCAT has too, because it is based on RDF, the ability to publish metadata directly on the web without open and geospatial data portals. This presentation will introduce the current challenge of metadata implementations, the current efforts of the OGC Metadata DWG, to support a good alignment of understanding and support further interoperability.


Topic Area:  [3.2] Tools and technologies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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