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ECOCRAFT - building a better world by schoolchildren thanks to the INSPIRE standards

Henk J. Scholten, Eduardo Dias and Maria Andrzejewska

(Submission #301)


Ecocraft is a computer game, as well as an educational tool, as well as a citizen participation tool, developed for joint creation of sustainable urban spaces. The virtual environment of Ecocraft is created by digital twinning the real world into the virtual world of the popular computer game Minecraft. The gaming environment of Ecocraft is based on accurate geospatial data of the real world and utilizes impact models and future scenario’s to simulate and visualize future developments and their implications, providing the user with relevant information during the game / the design processes. The integration of all these different data sources has been made possible thanks to standardization efforts like Inspire.

The objective of Ecocraft is to raise environmental awareness among children and youth, particularly about their surrounding environment and its processes, as well as the human impact on the environment and the need for sustainable resource management. Ecocraft players will aim to design the city in a way, which enables creating friendly, green spaces that harmoniously combine the city's components - architecture and infrastructure, transport, the needs of local communities, public space, climate conditions and resource availability. The city should meet the expectations of different groups of users by responding to their needs.

The objectives of the game do not limit only to ensuring an adequate share of resident-friendly green spaces, because the key to creating urban spaces of the future, is to understand the multidimensional nature of cities. It is important that the infrastructure is built with harmless materials, and the city that is being created, is energy-efficient, has well-developed low-emission public transport, efficiently managed resources, offers its residents space for active recreation and access to green and blue infrastructure. It is about making the city sustainable with the INSPIRE components.


Topic Area:  [1.15] Smart Cities – Urban Agenda – Digital Transition
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Academic:   Yes
Data Provider:   Yes
Data User:   Yes
INSPIRE Implementer (IT):   Yes
INSPIRE newbies:   Yes
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Other_theme:   smart cities
Comments:   smart cities; sustainable development; education; citizen participation;

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