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Towards metadata harmonisation: GeoDCAT-AP and beyond

Danny Vandenbroucke and Lieven Raes

(Submission #305)


Improving the discoverability of geodata and information is vital for increasing their (re-)use in- and outside the geospatial expert community. So, even if we don’t ‘like’ to spend too much time on the collection and maintenance of metadata, there is a general agreement across communities that we need metadata and that we need to improve the ways we create, manage and use them. In different worlds, standards exist to support this work. The geospatial community has its ISO 19100 series of standards which formed the basis for the INSPIRE metadata implementing rules and guidelines, and ISO 19115 for metadata in particular. This and related standards have been used for the INSPIRE Metadata profile and is currently broadly applied throughout Europe. However, in the world of general ICT and other sectors, the Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT is the reference. In the framework of the ISA programme activities, the EC-JRC developed the GeoDCAT-AP profile to make exchange and integration of metadata from geospatial resources and other resources possible ( One of the main use cases is the ability to exchange metadata records between Geoportals and Open Data Portals. In the context of OGC, several members set-up a DCAT Geospatial subgroup of the Metadata Domain Working Group (DWG) to collect examples of Best Practice implementations of GeoDCAT-AP. These examples, and the challenges for an integrated management of metadata resources, have been bundled in an OGC Best Practice document. The presentation will highlight which metadata standards exist and how they relate to each other. Moreover, some of the Best Practice implementations will be highlighted. Finally, the current idea of making GeoDCAT-AP an OGC community standard and the steps that will be followed will be explained.


Topic Area:  [2.6] Cooperation on standardization
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Metadata, integration, interoperability, e-Government, OGC, W3C

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