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Brownfield Site Registers in England: Delivering with INSPIRE through a standard approach

Jason King

(Submission #314)


The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 introduced the requirement for all local planning authorities in England to prepare, maintain and publish registers of previously developed land within their area that they consider appropriate for residential development (brownfield land registers).

Although the 2017 Regulations set out in detail the steps that local planning authorities are required to follow in preparing and publishing their brownfield land registers what was missing was detailed guidance as to how to go about doing so – especially in respect of INSPIRE.

Key to the successful delivery of this work was the development of a data standard which was designed from the outset with INSPIRE in mind and this presentation will aim to present the standardisation efforts that enabled local authorities in England meet their brownfield site register obligations and describe how challenges in data exchange and sharing were overcome. Ultimately though, as a sign of the projects success, brownfield land registers are now easily accessible for anyone wishing to use and reuse the data and the local authorities now have the tools and guidance necessary to produce and publish the data.


Topic Area:  [2.6] Cooperation on standardization
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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