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GIPOD innovation: linking data to improve collaboration between government and its citizens and corporations


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The Generic Information Platform Public Domain (GIPOD) gathers all information about roadworks or events on the public domain. It ensures coordination between utilities and roadworks, in order to limit hindrance and increase coordination between roadworks and events such as a cycling race.

Plenty of opportunities arise to greatly increase the current business value: process optimization and simplification for the utilities sector and governments, extensive reuse and linking of information or initialization of innovative data-driven services. In the concept paper 'Flanders Radical Digital', we strive for a far-reaching simplification and digitization of the working principles of the government. This implies that the Flemish government must be transformed into an information-driven government, which is a government using data as raw material to increase its policy implementation, follow-up and offered services.

The ambition of GIPOD is to be and remain the authentic source for planned usage (such as road works and events) and planned hindrances of the public domain. To achieve this, the central platform gathers all information about usage and the associated planned hindrance and makes this available to different target groups. Consequently, Smart mobility projects can link the GIPOD information with other sources of unscheduled actual hindrance, for example a traffic jam or an accident, or with other live data, obtained by GPS or GSM signals, camera images, other sensors , etc.

Moreover, The reuse of GIPOD data in communication with citizens or corporations is becoming more important. Good data quality is absolutely essential.

The renewed platform aims to realize the 'Only Once' principle by linking data and systems. This is advantageous for cities, municipalities and the utilities sector, since the information only has to be registered once and can then be reused and made accessibel to the maximum extent possible.

GIPOD has a lot of data - thanks to the high implementation rate within local authorities, the utilities sector and the Roads and Traffic Agency (AWV) - and has the potential to realize innovation to a "data-driven" government.

Thanks to planned innovation of GIPOD, the efforts of the partners can be further valorized. What's more: the potential for added social value for Flemish citizens, corporations and governments is much greater than it is now.


Topic Area:  [1.15] Smart Cities – Urban Agenda – Digital Transition
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